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To demystifying deregulation with your host to my grandma is the founder of commercial energy consultancy my goodness. Two years ago discovered how energy deregulation could save millions of dollars per year for homeowners and businesses like learn more about solving the mystery of energy costs to save you money demystify deregulation. Here's your might as well.

We are going to be talking about deregulation this morning. But we're fortunate to have a guest also this is Lisa York from regional customer relations with Beacon payments. Let's say hello Hello glad to be here thank you always she'll be on the second segment so I'm going to talk a little bit about deregulation first and first introduce our company commercial energy consultants This was my brainchild six years ago or six years old now we have really opened our company down in southern Illinois. We have four thousand clients down there about six hundred fifty million kilowatts under contract but it all started with me retiring from the brokerage business and I was a stockbroker for thirty thirty years I still maintain an insurance license matter of fact just to keep my fingers in it but found about found out about deregulation down in Texas and Georgia and bottle actress city in Texas and natural gas in Georgia and was able to then bring that when Amran opened the downstate Illinois area bringing our knowledge and start commercial energy consultants and work right across now the bridge for me in downstate Illinois to bring savings on electricity and natural gas to those customers. Now we have a two pronged. Process we first ask you to pay less. That's deregulating and then we ask you to consume less I'm going to talk about that a little bit later but once a person experiences deregulation or learns about it. It's been my experience that they think it's a no brainer. They day almost ninety percent of the time go with it only because they didn't understand it. Once they learn about it. Hence the radio show that we're doing today to teach you about deregulation. So you can take advantage of it if you want to you're going to take advantage of that in Illinois. Because oddly enough Missouri is not open and we're going to talk a little bit about that in the third segment. All right now if you're using your state's incumbent utility you're paying too much and that's the way we like to bring it out to start and I can give you an example why if you go back in time until it started all these utilities produce power they put it up on the grid. When you want that power they take it off the grid and they give it to you over their infrastructure. Now if you put a dollar value to that. That's about. Let's say they take it off the grid at a dollar and then they add a dollar's worth of overhead for their infrastructure and you get the power at two dollars so that's how it. It's gone for hundreds of years. Deregulation in the state of Illinois allowed forty suppliers to take the power off the grid at the same cost as the incumbent utility. So in this case let's use Nordic energy. They're one of the forty we work a lot with they take it off the grid at one dollar. Now the question is how many What's what's Nordics overhead. Well that's a whole lot less than amorous because they don't own polls they don't own lines they don't own people. They don't own trucks. So they have about ten cents worth of overhead. That's mostly to pay Amran to use their lines. So here it is they take it off the grid at a dollar they put ten cents on it and deliver it to you over the Amarin lines now basically you're paying a dollar ten for the power instead of two dollars for the power and that's how do you read. Relation works. You don't have to get a new phone. You don't have to get anything new. It's just your regular old Bill you pick a supplier through a company like ours or you do it yourself. It goes right on that bill and now you're paying less for the power because there's less overhead involved with the transaction. Now what's nice about deregulation is you're going to get those savings for years on end. In other words you're not going to just for a couple weeks save money and then go back to the utility once you decide to pick a supplier you're going to pick between one two and three year contracts as long as sixty month contracts it would be a five year contract every certainly did. But think about that fixed rates for three years versus your incumbent utility charging you more who's giving you a rate that's fixed for one month. Now what would you like in times when rates are going up. You want something fixed for a longer period time or let's say you're running a company. Don't you want to know what your power cost is to run that company versus what it's going to be the next month. You don't know month to month. And that's why when people look at the regulation. They go well that's great. They normally try it with a one year contract but this five year contract. I just signed up was a one year contract that came due. They said we understand it. We've seen it. It works now it's a long as we can go. Well five years. Well we've got a five year contract so they like that fixed rate of return they can figure they can manage off that rate of return versus that variable return you're getting from the incumbent utilities and then the last point I'd like to bring up on this first part of the segment is make your suppliers compete for your business. I mean as they compete as as you get a supplier. Either you get it off the phone you found it yourself or you used a consultant like myself to find it that contracts not forever. So what you have to do. As find out a way to make at renewal those suppliers compete for your business and the way we do it hit commercial energy consultants is we do a reverse auction and that takes a little bit of explanation but we have got a computer program put together. Well if you give us your bills one the most recent bill will load up that bill in the system and we'll invite all forty suppliers to compete or bid on your business now it's that competition that gets the low bid out to you and I'll give you another example we had a customer call us that was in a supplier think was direct energy they were worried that direct was not being competitive on there were new. Also they got ahold of me and said What can you do for us. Well. We simply took that piece of business and we put it into this reverse auction and let the suppliers including his existing supplier bid on the account it was a two million kilowatt account. Well lo and behold. Well I need to back up when that guy got his renewal from that supplier. He was paying five for five point four cents for the power. He was being asked to renew it on a two year contract at five seven just slightly up but paying a little bit more for the next two years. Well we took that supplier put them right in our auction and he bid against the other suppliers they did and bid for four to keep the customer. Now the C.F.O. looked at me and said Oh I understand now what your value is I would have taken the five seven I would have paid more for two years. And here I am now paying one hundred twenty thousand dollars less for my power over the next two years because of your services and I may mention at that time it didn't cost the customer anything. It doesn't cost you anything to pick a supply. Through us. We don't charge upfront for our service but we were compensated by that supplier that he picked they paid us a small commission for bringing him his business or maintaining his business with that customer. So it works and it will work for you. And that's how we pay less for power and let me talk a little bit about how we consume last this year we added L.E.D.S. to our practice and this will play well in Missouri by the way you're not deregulated in Missouri. And that is an issue. I'd like to get out on the air because why I can you go across the river with a company and get a five point four rate for your power with forty suppliers competing for it and in Missouri not have any competition work under a monopoly. Ammar unknowns both sides of the river there deregulated on the Illinois side and they're not deregulated on the Missouri side and a lot of that is because nobody knows about it. They haven't budged their legislators enough about it and it has to be legislated to tell Amran to deregulate Missouri. You should get a a choice around here in this state because competition is good. It drives down the prices people in Illinois over the last sixteen years that they've had this choice have saved thirty six million dollars and the people in Missouri don't have a choice so that is one of my pet peeves about what you can do in Missouri is to work on L.E.D. lights. We have a customer over in Illinois. I walked into a shop and I looked up and it was brilliant light in I was just impressed with it and guy's a client of ours so I asked him I said What do you what you do here. What's the difference he goes well we put in L.A. deal lights and I said will tell me more because you know I've heard about these things but tell me more and brings out one of these lights that is a ballast free L.E.D.. And this is highly revolutionary because there's not a electrician out there or lighting company out there that they were. And fluorescent balls that require ballasts in other words you've ever owned looked up and see that light go out you don't know if the ballast failed or if you don't know that the light failed. So what we like to present our ballast free L.E.D.S. we have them with incentive programs we have a website you can go and shop for up to eight hundred L.E.D.S. and it's the only strategy a non deregulated state that and solar panels that we haven't ventured into yet but those two strategies are available to you to be able to lower your consumption which then turns around and lowers the amount that you pay for your utility costs. So we're going to take a break here. We're going to come back in a couple minutes I'm going to introduce Lisa and she's going to tell us what she does to make her clients happy.

Welcome back. We're here with Lisa York Regional customer relations and sales manager with Beacon payment systems I've known Lisa for a couple three years now and you enjoyed getting to know her she resides in O'Fallon Illinois for the last twenty three years married twenty six years with three children and thirty years of sales and customer service in shoes newspapers radio advertising jewelry and Merchant Services Leeson won't want to tell us a little bit about your company. Well my company is called Beacon payments and we're actually based out of Boston companies owned by my brother and a partner and so it's nice because it's family owned company although we are across the country in every state. So it's small but large and I've been with the company for two years. My children grew up and I wanted. A new career. And I just love working with merchants and just helping them to save some money and make their lives a little better and easier. There you go. So I appreciate you having me today and what I'd like to do is credit card processing can be a complicated and mysterious process and so I'd like to simplify that a little bit for the listeners and kind of just give you some hints and helpful things to look for. So first of all we're going to start with the basics so why should you even take credit cards. Mike how much cash do you have in your wallet right now. Oh I think about ten bucks. Yeah exactly. I think I have two. So most of us don't carry cash right. So if you're business. You really want to take credit cards because people don't carry cash and when you accept credit cards when you have those logos on your door Mastercard FISA discover it really legitimizes your business and can boost your sales. It definitely encourages impulse buying So when I go into my favorite store which will always be a shoe store. And I have a budget to buy one pair of shoes. If the store takes credit cards. I'm probably going to go over budget and buy a few pairs of shoes. I shouldn't say that because I think my husband's listening but he knows about my shoe problem. So it also eliminates the risk of accepting a bad check you own a business someone write your check. It's bad you're going to waste a lot of time a lot of effort a lot of money chasing that bad check and often if you have a business where you Bill. Your customers. How much time and energy. Do you spend chasing that money when it be easier to just have a swipe the credit card and you get your money immediately. So those are some pretty valid reasons for accepting credit cards. So once you decide to accept cards there are some things you need to look for when you're deciding what processor you're going to go with so the first is you want to check out there Better Business Bureau rating beacon payments has an A plus rating that we're very proud of but you want to check that out with whoever you're looking at. And then there is a company that is like the Yelp for credit cards for the credit card industry it's a third party and they've come in and they. We have analyzed all of the credit card companies in the country and they rank them. A.B.C. already. And so you want to go to card payment options dot com. And put in the name of the company you're looking at and see what their ranking is because again we're proud beacon payments has an A rating with card payment options dot com. And then word of advice that I want to give everyone. You always want to buy and not lease your equipment. So let's say you need a terminal. If you lease that equipment for thirty dollars a month at a thirty six month lease you've paid one thousand and eighty dollars and it's probably a piece of equipment you could buy for three hundred. So you can do that math right. And in addition you can never cancel a lease. You cannot get out of it. I've never seen that happen and some of them are in you automatically and they don't tell you. And then you're stuck for another thirty six months so might if you don't hear anything else I say today. Don't waste your quit meant by your Quitman you want to watch for a monthly fee it really shouldn't be more than ten dollars. You don't want to pay an annual fee. That's a very bogus fees be on there and you want to make sure that your terminal is E.M.C. or chip enabled And also Apple Pay and Google Wallet and abled and you want to be able to you have choices you can use a mobile swipe or you might be using a POS system on line Internet you want to make sure that the choices you have match your needs. So let's talk about chip cards for a minute. The reason we have chip cards right now is because they offer greater protection against fraud that chip card uses the embedded chip instead of the magnetic stripe and A.M.D. or European Master Card Visa has been around in Europe for many years. So a year ago October. It finally got to the states when you have a credit card with a mag stripe on it all of your information is embedded in that stripe so it's very easy for a hacker to get in and get all your information. And that's how they. That's how the fraud a curse. But when you have a chip. The information is not embedded in that chip and so when you use your chip card. The chip creates a four digit PIN number for every transaction individually so there's nothing for the hacker steal and that's why it came to the US because of the heightened security. Now if you are a business owner and you are your term terminal doesn't except that you are the chip card and you take a fraudulent transaction in the past the bank would always give you your money but as of last October the liability has shifted so if you're a merchant someone runs a card without the chip. You are not the bank will not pay you that money you are liable. So if you own a business and you don't have to chip technology you want to really reconsider that because if you run it with the chip technology. Now the bank will back you and pay for that. So if you run one large project that transaction without the chip you could be out of business. So you really want to rethink that if you're not set up for the chip. The chip cards take a long time. Also but their Master Card and Visa are working on technology to make it go a little faster. And then let's talk about Apple Pay and Google Wallet. So you sign up for your bank to get it on your device and you can put as a number of different cards on there and there's heightened security because you have to use your fingerprint as verification. So the first time that I set up a merchant to take the Apple Pay. I thought to myself well I need to show how it works and I don't have Apple Pay. So I went online to my bank and I set it up and I walked into the merchant with the new terminal I said Here let me show you how it works and of course I had absolutely no idea how it worked. So I was hoping I was going to do it right and I took out my phone and what you do is you hold it next to the N.F.C..

Sensors and it just read it on the phone you put your fingerprint on it and it says you get a little message that says thank you. You just spent twenty four dollars at Schnucks.  My point is as soon as it catches on with consumers that you don't have to have your wallet you don't have to carry around a credit card. All you need is your phone which quite frankly we're all carrying around anyway. It is definitely going that way the wave of the future. So if you are merchant that you are not set up with Apple Pay or Google Wallet. That's another thing you want to consider because as soon as consumers realize how great it is that's all anybody is going to use in my opinion. Yikes sense. OK So when you are getting ready to start taking credit cards. There are some questions you want to talk to your processor about the first one is do they use tiered or interchange plus pricing which I don't have time to explain but you want to make sure you're getting interchange plus pricing you want to ask about the market fees. Is there an annual fee or a set up fee both bogus fees I want to make sure you're not doing those what's the monthly fee the transaction fee should be about ten cents. Is there a monthly P.C.I. noncompliance fee that's another very bogus fee and do you sell or lease the terminal. So if you own a business or know someone who owns a business I would love to talk to you and offer you a free no obligation review or if you need to upgrade to E.M.P. apap a technology I'd be happy to talk to you. I know you go into many stores where it isn't working. But all of ours are and I'd be happy to help you. Well he said that's been fantastic a lot lot of that's gone way over my head and that's why I like that work with you because I don't have to worry about knowing of myself. It seems to me you know all about it. So that's why we bring professionals them. We're going to break here for our next segment. When we come back we're going to take some calls the number is eight five five seven seven zero one two six zero.

Well welcome back. We are going to open the phones up now that one eight five seven seven zero one two six zero he we have one holding here let me see. My crimes we're going to do for you.

This is Dr Christy Baer and I have a question really for your least one for you. Hey Christi what do you dowhat are you. Oh I'm good thanks. I was wondering if you could tell me why it makes a difference to have a local represent. Well I'll tell you why. So I was recently wanting to apply for a new credit card. How ironic is that and. I have some questions as a rewards card and I had some questions about the rewards and I went online and I am telling you it took me a very very long time to find a customer service phone number so I was really aggravated and then once I found the phone number. I was on hold for a very long time. And then the person can insert my question. So I wasn't very happy. So I think that the reason you need a local representative when you're dealing with a credit card processing company is so you don't have that issue. All of my merchants have my personal cell phone number and if they have a question about their bill a question about their terminal a problem with their terminal they call me directly. And I. Answer the question or get their problem solved. That sounds like it would be a good. Good benefit. It does the Granite City area. I absolutely do.

OK That's right. Thank you. Thanks for calling. We appreciate. It looks like we got another one. Let's see. All right Mike arrives here what we're due for yeah. Cry your stories about ago how are you guys very good. Who's your question for I have a question for Lisa about the credit card. All right Lisa OK. I reset I'm a business coach with ADD a coach. So when I'm working with my clients we're always looking for ways to reduce expenses. And work in prophecy to be used as often as a discussion and how to shop for the. So I wonder if you could share or maybe either some percentages or a dollar range example of what you've been able to say for your client. Sure absolutely. It's a good question. Thinks so. What I offer to my clients is a free. No obligation rate review. So I take a copy of their recent credit card statement and I analyze it line by line to see what they're paying all the fees transaction fees percentages everything and I come back and I'll actually tell them. One of two things I will either tell them hey you have a really great rate you should probably keep it forever or here's the percentage that I can save you and that percentage is usually ten to thirty percent. And of course that depends on how much they're running. But that's the standard that I can say them and of course that's enough that most people want to make a change. You know when you own a small business that it adds up very quickly.

Oh they're very much so that well that's great to hear and know because along with what my kindred with the energy and what you can do I can look where we did with my client and you can save the money and they can turn that around and use it to pay you.

They aren't half that. Well thank you so much. Thanks for calling in. Thank you. Cerys.

All right we will see that if we get any other calls but generally doing the. Time period we just like to talk about some clients we've worked with and I guess I'll start since you've gotten two calls and I haven't gotten any that's what happens but. All right so we

you know we're always looking to work with companies it's not like we don't work with residential but we are commercial energy consultants most of our residential business comes from commercial counsel we've opened where the president of the secretary something wants to do their home but we had a good one this week. That brought us in on renewals

it was kind of interesting it's under competition but you always when you're renewing these accounts you always hope they'll come back and renew it with you. So we try to service serve some Ephesus we can but we met with the C.F.O. is actually the president in this case and their contracts are coming up and they wanted to renew for one year when we got their natural gas bids in with their existing supplier we found they were ten percent more than the nearest competitor. So we asked the C.F.O. I said do you want to load it or do you want to stay with your current supplier and it was just kind of ease a business he wanted not to have to go through his legal department review new contracts but we did establish at that point that the next year he wants a week ahead of time because he wants to look at the low bid but he needs to have time to go through his legal department. So are we took a supplier that was a little bit more we did open the door to show him different suppliers in the future. Lisa why don't you what chat with us about somebody you've recently helped. Sure. So I have a merchant. So in the credit card business. I'm sure you know there's lots of fraud and so we have to try to protect our merchants against that fraud and so when you fill out an application with us. You tell us what your average ticket is going to be twenty dollars fifty dollars five hundred dollars and so if you run a transaction that is much much higher than the average ticket. It's going to let the fraud department which is good for you. So I have a client who one time ran a large transaction instead of having to call an eight hundred number and get the runaround. They let me know that they ran that I in turn send that to the fire department and they get their money in two days instead of a week and a half. All right let's take a little break here and then we'll come back and continue see if we have any other calls or we'll look to see if we have any other cases we can talk about.

Welcome back. Lisa let's chat here. Now we actually have a call come in and let's take that first OK. Mike Grimes. Yes this is heat from Arnold and I have a question for yeah sure I have my lecture. Well I was looking at it and I spend a thousand kilowatts a year and sometimes I'll just get you to give me an idea. You know ballpark figure how much money I could say if we had it in Missouri. Well is that something course you live in Arnold Missouri and by the way didn't they had some policeman shot in our old the other just recently I'm sorry to hear that but it's pretty well yeah. And we support police on the show and I hate to see that happen but the the answer is as you know we don't have Missouri open for Mike for a previous comments and that is something you need to talk to your legislators about because you're paying Amran about eight cents a kilowatt for your supply in Missouri. And if you had a choice you could probably pay five cents a kilowatt. So that's about forty percent thirty percent less just by having. Choice but the big thing is it's competition why do we have competition in Illinois and not competition in Missouri. Yet that's it. But makes me very curious. Just because we don't have a choice or is that why we don't have. Yeah it's a start but they did have Ammar insured utility and they are a monopoly in Missouri. So I would suggest you call your legislator and say why don't we have a choice on electricity. I think I'll do that. All right thank you very much. Keith thanks. All right. That was a good one because I always like to get on my little pet of still there and talk about why isn't Missouri open. I mean why is it that you know you can go across the river. I have I work with the holiday ends over there. I can get them up five eight rate on their supply side yet they're paying eight cents in Missouri. I mean when you're spending that much make it makes a big difference. Absolutely. So they're going to be my first customer if we get Missouri open. They want to play right off the bat. But anyway before we get going here. Give us your contact information K C R He wants to yeah very state that so you can check out our website at W W W dot beacon payments dot com You can like our Facebook page at Beacon payments Metro East in St Louis. You can certainly connect with me on Linked In Lisa York and my e-mail is L. York at Beacon payments dot com. I'd love to chat with you if you have further questions. That's great. Lisa and then I was you know if I mentioned we work with L.E.D.S. now and that's not like deregulation where does it cost anybody anything it's just

just one quick point on that were what other business. Can you sign a piece of paper and save money. Not too many I mean that's that's why I like the regulation I have a client say five thousand dollars annually on their bill and he looked at me and he said You mean to tell me if I sign that piece of paper. I'm going to save five thousand dollars. That's it. Or do I sign. But anyway. Well and you. Worked with many of my clients and save them a lot of money and there they appreciate me for saving them on the credit card processing when you look around and it's not immediately exactly anyway. Exactly. But anyway so question to you is what these early days that we've added to our practice. I always get the question all do you have a credit card can I pay for you know GOD I WANT TO case of them. Well how much is it five hundred dollars. What can I give you a credit card on no I need a check and that is that problem. You talked about I can send the lights out to all but how do I know they're going to send me a check. Exactly. But rather how would I. I'm just you know we're no at this sure can. Commercial energy consultants get a credit card through you. You can or I can accept credit cards and it would be a good idea because you want to be chasing money around not where you know it's too much time and also it's very easy so it's just a simple application and then what I would suggest for a company like yours is a mobile swipe or that is Hatch's to your phone or your i Pad you go you can either swipe it in person or if they call you on the phone you can enter it on the phone either way but you'll have your money upfront instead of trying to wait for the check. You know or chasing the money very easy. It's really wondering if the check comes in you know and you get busy and you forget about it and I don't want to be a bill collector I much rather take the money up front before it's on the lights out. So I'm going to talk to you about all that gets fixed up I look you got another question customer we can talk about. Yes so I have a new customer who was opening a bar and she not only wanted to take credit cards but she needed a POS system to run everything in her bar so inventory employees all their transactions and so we have a wonderful POS system that I set her up with and she can literally run her entire business and take your credit cards all in one place just just bang done right there. Yeah yeah. So that's why I thought I knew somebody that yeah I mean and that's why I worked I would talk about a customer here gave me a referral actually a testimonial he said I want to thank you. C.E.C. for reducing my power bill by over thirty percent but secondarily to ask you to please have any of your potential customers call my cell and I will personally tell them what you did for me and and as well. How easy it was to get it done fantastically type of you know. That's what happens when you save money for Paypal and that's why you know in the brokerage business I never had this opportunity so here I am saving companies money and they seem to respond with all sorts of good things to say but who else can you think about. So I have a company that I save them about forty percent which as you can imagine they're very happy with and I set them up with a terminal in their store but they also it's a company that has service costs so they wanted a way for their technicians to be able to collect money when they're out so we set them up with the most wipers and in addition to that we can program the Swiper so that each technician has their own username and password so for accounting purposes you can keep track of who is doing what out in the field. So I guess what I really want to say is whether you need a terminal you need a mobile swipe or you are taking money online. However. you want to take credit cards. There is a way to do that and we can help you with that. That's great. And what I think from what I've heard you say here today. Why would you try and do that on your own. I mean you almost can't it's too complicated. It looks like a bunch of service that you need and you're right you go out and service these customers to or if they have a question. They call Lisa. Right exactly.

That's the whole thing. So it's a little bit like what we do is when there's forty suppliers the worst thing you can do is go and try and pick one and because quite frankly how do you know you're getting a low rate if I mean you can go to Amerinds website and see all forty of the suppliers. Now you going to pick up the phone. Some day and call forty of them not me. I mean I think I hope you have the time. Quite frankly you're going to find someone reputable people on the other end of the line to. These suppliers are a little slippery and you've got to wonder and I'll talk about in the last segment one that I won't use but literally you need someone like us to stand between the supplier and the company. And then handle all the beds bring back the low bid to the customer. That's how we do it at our company but now we can close this one up nice that we both got a little bit of alchemy. We're going to have a little bit of a break here and then we're going to close it up with an idea that we'll talk about next week. Thanks good. Thanks for having me. My pleasure. Lisa and I think we're about. Right on the end here yeah OK There it is can hear that good music.

Oh here we are back at it again. I'm going to use this last segment next three or four minutes and talk about a supplier I won't use and Lisi you've probably heard me talk about I have field energy home field energy is one of the forty suppliers and you'll see I'm a lot in the residential market because they do all the aggregation business over in downstate Illinois. I think it's interesting they bring a consultant in from New York. To do a search for a supplier for aggregation business means it's the city decided to put all the residents together and take it out to bid. Well hundred fifty one municipalities over there and the consultant comes in and uses home field every one of them. Now how can you be a consultant and use one supplier. And then I think what you have to understand is home field used to be a division of a hammer and that's why they were very easy to place and because people know who hammer in is and they know a division of Amarin that should be safe but two years ago. I am quietly and I. Never seen it is quiet sold the home field energy which was Amarin Energy Marketing they sold it to a company called diner G.E. and if you don't know who diner Geos I suggest you google diner G. scandal and learn about your new parent. Because this company. It's by the way the sister company there out of Houston. They're the sister company to Enron remember Enron. Oh yeah and run is no longer with us. Nor is the C.P.A. firm that defrauded their way out of business but literally Now here's the company that's their sister company they actually tried to buy Enron and they didn't like what they saw they backed out and put in run into bankruptcy. They then went and borrowed money from the Fed to buy energy futures made a chunk of money and listed it is earnings for the core of the current year it was three hundred million dollars with the fraud they perpetrated on the U.S. government that forced diner G. into bankruptcy. They come out of bankruptcy get financing to buy all the coal power plants and home field from Amron which is the craziest transaction I've ever seen. Because everybody that I know through the financial said that goes into bankruptcy can't get a bank loan. So these guys they must be that too big to fail because not only they get a bank loan they bought all the coal plants in southern Illinois all the coal plants in Ohio and now they are a the largely heavily leveraged coal company doing energy deregulation. So if you have home field either through your company. I'm stunned to your company your residential area or your community. You could get out of it you don't have to have them. If you want another supplier call me. We can get out of that without cost but if you were hoodwinked into home field thinking it was AM run and you have a contract with them. You can't get out of it till the end of the contract but I would highly recommend that you talk to someone like me when that contract comes up don't really know with a company that's deep. Front of the U.S. government for three hundred million dollars That just seems to be good sense to me there's a couple other things that I don't like about home field. One is they have a contract that. Is literally one of the most restrictive contracts that I've seen and I'll talk about it next week but I've never of the forty suppliers contracts that I've written seen one as bad as this. But anyway. Thank you Lisa for your time today. Here we are with another show. It's gone very quickly and we'll look forward to talking to you if there's any new company in any new something new in your company can always come back again and from then any questions for me before we close it down. Now you covered it all great. All right so. I would think we're going to see this show come to some conclusion. But remember try C.E.C. dot com You can go there and look for our suppliers. You can get actually run your own auctions up with the green button that you'll push and what you're also we're going to see is a shopping cart where you can buy up to eight hundred L.E.D.S. but we don't put the prices up there. So if you see something that's interesting. Or you have to do is get ahold of me and I'll get your prices of what you see up on our website release again thanks for your time. Thanks for having me. And a great time. Always a pleasure speaking with you and good luck on your business. Thank you.