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To demystifying deregulation with your host to my grandma is the founder of commercial energy consultancy my group two years ago discovered how energy deregulation could save millions of dollars per year for homeowners and businesses alike learn more about solving the mystery of energy costs to save you money demystifying deregulation. Here's your host might welcome you to the demystifying deregulation show. We're going to talk here at first and have a nice guest here Morgan fried from fit and free. Thank you. Is going to talk in the second segment but let's talk first about our company commercial energy consultants we started that about six years ago now to help actually downstate Illinois residents. And companies save money on their electricity and natural gas bills a little bit about me first. I've been a stockbroker for thirty years retired didn't like being retired so I got a chance to learn about deregulation from a friend down in Texas and Georgia brought it back up here one downstate Illinois got a chance at this.

We started a company and then went after downstate Illinois. Illinois it was deregulated sixteen years ago mostly up in Chicago but now the whole state is open. Both Amarin and Com Ed I had a question last week about co-ops they do not participate in deregulation. It's just the incumbent utilities of Amber and and COM add but in that six year period we've picked up about four thousand customers. I call them happy clients because when you're saving money on electricity or natural gas. You're not unhappy and that's amassed into about six hundred fifty million kilowatts under contract and I think that's interesting because when you get a chance to understand the raw. Elation the biggest retort I get is that's a no brainer. It's always been my dream to have a show like this to explain it in detail because I do believe as you understand what deregulation is there's no reason not to do it and let's start with if you're paying your state to your state's incumbent supplier you're actually paying too much and I can prove that by using an example forever. The local utilities create power and when they create power they put it up on the grid and forever they take it off the grid and they deliver it to you and you need it. So if you put some dollars to it. Let's say they take that power in this case Amran off the grid at a dollar. They then have to add their overhead to it but say that's another dollar and then you're paying them over their lines two dollars for your power. So that's how it's been and now it's called deregulation. Now what that means is forty other suppliers are vetted by the state and they can take the power off the grid at the same cost as Amaranth. So the family takes it off a dollar they take it off at a dollar. Now here's where the savings come in the new supplier doesn't have the overhead of Amerind they don't have the poles they don't have the lines they don't have the people. So what they may do is pay ten cents Tamron to use their lines to deliver to their clients the power. So think about that instead of paying two dollars for the power with your incumbent supplier pay a dollar ten for the power delivered to you over the Amarin lines. So nothing changes your bill doesn't change.

Most of the suppliers are right on your bill and you basically save money. Now you're going to save money for years to come because you can take counter. With the suppliers for one to three years. I just did a case of over sixty months on a natural gas contract. So it is possible to get long term fixed obligations from suppliers where you can't get that from your local utility met effect in the Amerinds case they say they have a fixed rate but that fixed rate is actually fixed for one month. So you can see how that doesn't fit or compare against a supplier who may fix the rate for up to sixty months but you know it works and for that reason a lot of people do it NOW The last reason that I like to talk about is convenience. In other words if you want to do it yourself you can go to Amazon site you can see the forty suppliers. You can pick up the phone you can call them all but it's been my experience that if you're a busy C.F.O. out there. You don't have the time to do your own correct bidding or auctions for the lowest bid of those forty suppliers. So your best bet is to place someone like me. Our company commercial energy consultants in between you and those suppliers. Now that works because it takes the hassle out of it all you have to do is give us your bills we load it up into a system and we let all forty suppliers bid in reverse for your business and then our job is simple it's simply to bring you the low bid. When you need it. If you're with the incumbent supplier or when you renew a contract. One thing about these contracts are not forever. So if you re new a contract you do have to have some sort of systematic way to get the low bit off the suppliers. Now let me give you an example of a client of mine that used us and just for this reason it's a busy see a fall over in the Bellville market. They had a supplier they were renewing a contract a two year contract and their supplier they were paying five point four cents for their power and the supplier. It Off from a new contract at five point seven cents. He had heard about us and he got back to me and he said look here's the situation. Can you help us. Can you what can you do for us. Well what we did is we took that existing supplier he had and had him sign a piece of paper that put them in our reverse auction and let the other thirty nine suppliers come in and bid against him on the two million kilowatt account. Now it was odd. What happened. It took about a couple days but the same supplier that bit him five point seven cents for his next two years bid four point four cents to keep the account in the auction. Now doesn't sound like much but five point seven five four point four when you're using two million kilowatts that was one hundred twenty thousand dollars worth of additional savings for that customer. So my feeling is that's how you pay less. That's the first part of commercial energy consultants. We're going to let you pay less for your power both on natural gas and electricity and our big way we do that is by using reverse auctions to make the suppliers compete for your power compete for your business and lower those power rates. Now the other part of our strategy is to consume less and this is something we just added to our company this year and that's called L.E.D. lights specifically ballasts three L. E D's and this is kind of a revolutionary process process now because if you look up to your ceiling if you run a company or you have men your home. You've got a fluorescent bulb up there spending between thirty two watts and forty watts. Plus you have a ballast that's running those fluorescent bulbs. Now think about this. You can't plug a fluorescent bulb into the wall. It'll it'll burn up in your hand. Therefore you need that ballast. So now because of Billy D. technology we can take a ball and replace those fluorescents with out a ballast a ballast free replacement ball and now that to me. It is revolutionary because I've done a lot of these jobs. You simply take out the existing fluorescents you take out the ballast you wire into the existing power in the fixture the new ballast free L.E.D. turn on the lights you're good for the next twenty two years. So this is kind of neat and not to mention they only use one thousand watts per ball. So you're actually cutting your electricity cost by fifty percent and you're cutting your maintenance costs to zero because the bulbs last so much longer than the fluorescent bulbs. So that's basically our strategy it's to pay last and consume less for the exact same power. Now I'm going to take a minute here to introduce our guest which is Morgan fried and Morgan and I do some business together. I think I help you on your home than I do actually. First I want to say thank you so much for having me.

I really you know I'll talk about my business and what not. Later we can get into that but it is amazing and the guys listen in and out there that I love working with Mike simply for the fact that I love companies that I can just say hey I know what you know what you're doing. I trust you help me so I gave him my bill. He looked at it came back the next dance at work and I can save you X. Y. Z. All you have to assign this I signed it. My bill is going down.

And yes being a homeowner you know he might really doesn't. He's not looking for Holmes but he still goes out and tells me so we save me. Probably about one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars a year which is quite a bit of money if I'm looking at all. I did as he had I'm a piece of paper. So you know some of these big companies who are using copious copious amounts of electricity you know you guys really need to look at what he does and he can save you a small fortune and. What's the most you've ever saved a company did you know offhand. We've got a big school district over in East St Louis Illinois that we saved a million dollars That's crazy right. A million dollars and all that person did as sign a piece of paper and where do you think that million dollars goes that's the. Going back into the school back in the books back into the children like that is it's amazing. And when you learn and you know I'm no genius when it comes electricity. I just listen a little bit to what he says when you learn what these companies do you kind of go. No no that's not OK And Mike is willing to go up and beyond. It just fix it so now and thank you. Morgan for that recommendation but it is interesting when you see this whole process at work and understand it and what you have to do is take the time to sit down and talk to someone like myself you understand it completely and then the biggest retort I get when somebody doesn't understand it is man that's a no brainer. You know I tell customers this all the time sign this piece of paper and you say five thousand dollars we're else can you do anything in this right in this world to sign one piece of paper. I'll do the rest and you say five thousand dollars tickets and a whole bunch of pieces of paper like that it is kind of me want to take our first break here and there on a come back and Morgan is going to give us some idea on his business.

We are right here we are back at you here and now we're fortunate to have Morgan fried president of fitting fried wings today in that we were just talking and I try to save people money and on energy and you do it on nutrition growth correct. Go go with it. Tell us what you did OK first Again thanks for having me. It's kind of funny that I'm on an energy show when I'm talking about nutrition because I can talk about energy and energy out and you know you're talking about actual electricity I'm talking body energy so I kind of thought you know it took me a long time to think about what did I. What did I want to talk about how do I want to get my message across to the people listening and you know what it is that I want out of this and the truth. It is it was hard to come up with exactly what I wanted so I thought I would kind of tell my story to a little bit about my life tell you what got me here and tell us some success stories and what I've done with people so

I'm thirty eight years old my whole life has been fitness. I was in the military has served in the Navy after the Navy I went to college and I ran the rec center and Carbondale I was one of the gym people there I did personal training and ran the fitness center I was one of the self instruct self defense instruct structures at the school. After college I came back and I started working for the Y.M.C.A. so it's crazy that my whole life has been this path of fitness but I never really expected it to be like I have a degree in Public Relations and I have a degree in elementary education so I was going to be either a teacher or somebody in the in the public relations field but I've always been a fitness guy you know I'm a brown belt in jujitsu under a guy named Mike with my who's a phenomenal fighter so I've been my whole life has been fitness but it's like I fought. I fought the full fitness thing I said no. Fitness is a hobby. I like training I like fighting I like helping people but I'm going to be a schoolteacher.

So my story is I was workin I came home from college in two thousand and eleven and I actually was going to go to New York and be a prison guard my friend. His name's Pat is my best friend lives in New York and he was a prison guard and he said Hey why don't you come up here stay with me. We'll get you an application you know you've got the skill set to be a prison guard and I said you know what I think I could do that.

Let me let me do that. So I came. It's funny I came home one Friday. I've been gone about eleven years military in college and my dad as for all fathers do gave me a guilt trip he goes. Morgan. He's been gone so long. Who's going to cut our grass. I'm getting older and I kind of said you know I. I really realized how much I missed my parents and my father so I said you know what I'm going to not go to New York I'm going to stay here. Some. I had to get a job I had to do something so what did I do. Well I went to what I know fitness. I went to the Y.M.C.A. and they hired me on as a personal trainer during that time I went in and I started the not applications for school teaching because I remember I don't want to be a fitness guy this is just my hobby this is my fifth passion not my job. Within six months I took the Y.M.C.A. they were making about fifteen thousand dollars in personal training and I made them about eighty thousand dollars so I made this huge revenue and growth and personal training and at the time the C.E.O. of the Y.M.C.A. was was filling in. And I went to him and said You know I want full time and he was well why do you deserve it and I said Well before I got here you're doing this and now you're doing this and he looked at the numbers because a lot of time. It's a numbers thing and he said OK you're full time I sign the paperwork done next day I was full time. So now I'm working at the Y.M.C.A. and slowly but surely like any job the more you work somewhere the more responsibility they give you.

Not really so much in paycheck so I started taking over more and more and more stuff but wasn't getting paid anymore but I love my job. So now I'm doing fitness I'm doing training I'm handling all the budget sheets I'm doing everything and then my life dramatically changes. I've never been married. I've never had kids. It just didn't happen for me and then at thirty five thirty six I meet a girl named Jeanette Kennedy and her name is now Jeanette freed but I meet her and I meet her children and I fell in love with her and I fell in love with her kids and it. I always wonder why do people still pictures of their kids. It just blew my mind and then I got kids and now I'm that guy who shows pictures of their kids. So I fell in love with her. And she was she was doing supplements she was taken supplements she was helping people through nutrition and supplementation and I said I can do what you're doing. I mean I've been I remember the first time I took a supplement it was creating and if you guys remember. It was. When was Mark McGuire hit in five hundred home runs. Whenever it was I remember I was watching watching the baseball game with my father and I father looked over and goes oh he's cheated. He's due in Korea teen and I was like what's in it was like this underground secret that Mark McGuire was doing and I remember on the news they were saying like oh it. He shouldn't be counted for these home runs. He's doing Korea teen Well I saw it and I said in my brain I said man Mark McGuire's got big arms and if he's doing creating and I want to do creating it. So I actually went out and got to creating and it was this crazy thing because ten fifteen years ago Korea teen was almost spoken in hushed tones and in secret gyms and now man create scene as just about almost is one of the staples of every person who works out diet so it's funny to see the just the progression of supplements so I started doing my my Y.M.C.A. work and I'm working with you know trainers and I'm doing all my stuff and I see Jeanette and she's she's doing the same thing I'm doing except she's doing it through nutrition. She's helping people with weight loss use helping people sleep better. She's helping people get more energy and you know I see what she's doing and she does it with the same amount of passion that I have because. At the end of the day the reason I did fitness or the reason I now do what I do. It's about helping people.

I always tell people you know the most amazing thing I can do for people is when I can help them either lose weight or feel better because it's not the weight loss that drives me you know it's amazing when I've seen people who's forty fifty one hundred pounds like you know you see it and it. It looks good and they look good but it's not the weight loss that gets me. It's when I look them in the Rye and you see that glimmer of that spark of life. It just ignites the fire and that's what drives me because I've seen it was so many people we've worked with you know one of my favorite people I talk about and I don't. We'll be listening but her name is Trudy I one hundred percent Love Trudie because when I met her she was in a wheelchair her knees didn't work so well she was overweight she was on happy you know and it's normal. It's seven out of ten people need to lose weight. So I met her like that and over time her trusting in myself and my wife are taking the supplementation that we use we suggested staying on a nutrition plan exercising doing everything right. Last year she walked a five K. this year I guarantee she's going to run a five K. and those are the people when we see that type of stuff. It's beautiful. Because like I said weight loss is cool but that glimmer of life in your eye. So that's what I get to do and you know when it's funny when I thought about telling my story. You know I can go on until talk to you about product and tell you about what does what. But I want to share a part of my heart a part of my soul and you know if the reason I wanted to come on today is if there is anybody out there who wants help I will help you for free. I will help you through this supplementation it's what do you want. How can I help you know my wife and I run our business from home. We help a lot of people and you know I look forward to anybody who has any questions and you know you can find me online at W.W.W. that fit and three. Or you can call the station and I'll give you my cell and we can talk one on one it's what do you need. So that's kind of my story and you know that's that's what I do all day every day. So you know Morgan and we're going to conclude this for another break here but afterwards. Let's give the number out it's eight five five seven seven zero one two six zero. We're going to come back after this next break and take some questions for Morgan if anybody like to call in or questions for me on this deregulation which the at the bank.

We're back here and Morgan we're going to talk just about some cases we're working on but we got some calls here so let's take a couple and I think these are for me but we'll see.

Daniel what can I do for you then it's well my car I was solicit see you there in and you know the difference here is so that a lawyer. And I have heard people say that you can only deregulate if they hammer in your local the lawyer utility.

And you know I got a co-op down here myself so that's really something that was a want to do just so they don't offer to me opportunities just. Yeah you know that's unfortunate and back sixteen years ago when they did change this rule of course the regulated utilities had to listen to the lawmakers and that's come in and hammer and unfortunately the co-ops were carved out of the legislation because they are unregulated they don't have to listen to the lawmakers so unfortunately down in your area. We'd love to work with you but if you're with a co-op you're not allowed to pick a supplier. It's anywhere else that that's that's that's something that I guess is only if they act it is just by civility light bulbs and you know the only the light bulbs will save you some money so then I've got another call someone to jump but thanks for calling in.

Yes or. Hi Shirley. What can I do for you.

I don't know Jack Jack Jack I'm sorry Jack or Shirley. Yes I certainly it certainly is Jack.

I certainly on the phone. All right Jack. Or can I do for you. Well I'm going to call in and find out what L.A. D. light bulbs would do for me and what advantages do. They have well they deny of course of the new technology that's out there and I think I mentioned their ballots for these are the new technology. So you know if you have a balance that goes out don't change it just call us and we'll get you a ballast free L.E.D. that's going to last you know ten years instead of the one year you're going to get out of the fluorescent ball.

Sounds great. Yeah they save me relate save me some energy. Well yeah if you think about it. The thrust involves have about forty watts and these new L.E.D. bulbs are only one thousand watts so the city's about fifty percent on your energy costs. So you know Jack. I appreciate the call in and if you know if you need any. You can always go to the Web site try C.E.C. dot com And what you're going to find are eight hundred L.E.D.S. we have up on the Web site that you can look at and if you have any interest you can give us a call.

Thank you very much. Well.

All right. Looks to me like that's pretty much it for right now a Morgan.

Appreciate you telling us about your niceness and I can hear the passion sitting across the desk here from here and I have the same passion for electricity. It's just we were talking you know. Why not have that passion to move forward and build a business around it right. I'm always amazed

when we picked up this business how we could build a business up to four thousand customers in a herd of six years. You don't do that without passion. Right. Yeah that's that's the one thing that will drive any businesses is passion. Morgan I noticed. One other call has take these while they come in. Thank you. Mike Grimes. Yeah Mike. My name is Jim and I have a couple of questions if I may. Yeah. Like I live in a before I'll go and I know it's you. Regularization has hit Illinois some years ago. If I choose to go with another supplier. How long can I stay with that supplier and still do what they do for us. I'm not quite sure where AM would stand if I go to another supplier. Yeah and Amarin supports deregulation G.M. in theate of Illinois. They have basically just a delivery company now they've sold all their power plants and they deliver power and what you should do is either talk to us or somebody pick that supplier or lower your rate and then when that supplier comes the contract comes due give us a call will help you renew it.

And Mike is a good. I have business associates as it happens for business and homes both in the rate is better than Amman. Yeah it leveled. Yeah on both levels we we help businesses that's our focus we're commercial energy consultants. But because a lot of our current customers are business owners and have homes. We picked up a few residential suppliers and we can also lower your residential electric rate in the state of Illinois natural gas is not deregulated so you can't do the natural gas. If your home but you can do it as a business. OK And how long can I stay a bit with another supplier. Well you can. It's it depends you know the longest contract we have is sixty months but that's normally for the larger companies but generally one two or three years are the contracts so you can stay there and then you know you can always save money as long as you want so gentle Kay and what is the savings like at this time against I guess you go buy kilowatt right now I know am and it's pretty high. So how. What would you save me if I chose to pick another supplier we can save about two. Any percent over the Amarin electricity rate and we can save around ten percent on the supply side of the natural gas rate and we can save ten percent on the delivery side. So it's just just two different markets but there's about twenty percent savings in both markets. Sucre OK Like I appreciate the answers thank you very much and we'll stay in touch. All right thank you very much. And another one here. All right. Is this Miss A Shipley what can we do for you.

Surely. OK I do you know and untrained and I don't understand the energy did you regulation could you explain that for me. Well yeah. Surely it's just deregulation is just new it's been around for like sixteen years in the state of Illinois. It's not available in Missouri. But if you're in Illinois you do have a choice of who supplies your electricity. So you just have to work with somebody to understand who there are and work with somebody that could show you the low bid out of the bunch and then it's just basically you're going to stay with your utility you're going to be billed by your utility they're going to deliver the power but you have the right to pick a supplier an alternative supplier for the supply of the electricity.

Does that help you.

Yes but I will look at your Web site is it doesn't cost anything.

You know that is correct. You can look at try C.E.C. dot com all the suppliers are up there are only diesel elections up there. So take a look at it if you have any calls call me directly on that number and will be happy to take it's personal. It's really right it's really great surely because I mean like I said you know I met him through our business meetings and I just give him a piece of paper and he sees on my house like one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars a year which isn't much of it really isn't bad for. Or giving somebody a piece of paper. So yeah writing I definitely recommend to everybody honest now writerly thank you very time. All right so nice people who call in today and Morgan we course with me and you let me first start with what you've done for me in the never really talked about supplements before and yeah and got me into a program with your company and it had a little bit too much caffeine in it. Yeah and so we gave you so one of our biggest sellers is a product called Spark spark is mental focus and energy. It's a lot of vitamins and. It does have caffeine in it and it's not too often do I meet people who are caffeine sensitive and we gave you the spark and you came back the next day and you had told me. Well you know I was just get me edgy and I could feel the edgy and then I was getting some some glands were swollen up and and I said to myself you know this doesn't really make sense and I asked you and you said well let me take a look in about a week later you came back and got a product called the sixteen right v sixteen is like spark but it has no caffeine. It was actually designed for the Russian teen years ago so it's it's basically just a lot a lot of vitamins. I really like to take it when I'm not feeling well it's got a kind of got that fizzy fizzy feel to it but yeah. You are the sixteen user and you like sleep works. Those are your kind of two products that use Yeah and it's interesting because you know with this business I'm in I'm always so excited about it here I am waking up at two or three in the more light you know and in the crazy thing is then when you're up at three in the morning. You can't get back the bed off man and then get up in the morning in your lab going around so I talk to you about it in your product sleep works now. Every time that happens to me. Heck if I don't get up in the middle of the night and take either one or you know want to or want to have one of those and I sleep. Just like a baby for the rest of the till you alarm goes off and it's a great solution for me and I joke with you never knowing you be. For now I go through twenty four hours or something from you in my body at all times now and what I appreciate about your business is the quality of the products in you know that you made me want to touch on that is you don't have to worry about what's in your proud right. It's all well researched and if you say you know if it's on that label. That's well put in our Basel we do something that a lot of companies don't do and some do so. I always one make that very clear. We use a company called informed choice informed choice dot org is a company that we pay specifically to come and test a product for banned substances. So what's kind of crazy as most people know this is the military gets a list of products they cannot take and that's because some of the stuff is made somewhere where some things can get in it that shouldn't be in it. My company wanted to make sure that we did not ever have that problem. So we used we use a company that comes in to us are products of gin. Additionally called enter into a stud or. It's a great way to know that I'm taking something safe and effective and you know when you talk about our products. It is kind of crazy everybody has their own personal favorites that they talk about for you. It's the perks and the sixteen for me. It's kind of crazy is I talk about two products more than anything else and one is called prostate support Now I know that's a very weird thing to talk about but when you're in health and wellness field you talk about bowel movements and body issues more than you would in you know cell in energy but so I was actually it's a truth I was P.N. I was waking up in P.N. three to four or five times a night. It's really hard to sleep when you're waking up and using the bathroom it's just miserable. My wife said hey why don't you try this prostate support and for me what it did. Is it stopped me. Waking up and pee and so much and it is my favorite product to recommend. It's kind of crazy because a lot of times I'll talk in front of groups of you know fifty to one hundred sometimes even more and I give my testimonial about products support and I swear to God at least to. Three people wait till after the meeting in a two man time I'll be right man. Why don't you tell me a little bit more about that stuff up for what your other favorite my other one is called to gold all to gold is I call it cardio magic. You don't get tired. It's not a pre workout it's not a post workout. You just don't get tired so the first time I took that I was with I was actually with my duty to coach Mike with Meyer and I took the two pills I was supposed to before we started training and usually digits of practices go minimum two hours sometimes if it's an all day thing sometimes will do him a and pad work in digits and wrestling and sometimes at five six hours like it's crazy. And I took the two pills think and like. Honestly I wasn't one hundred percent on board. I liked some of the stuff but I was kind of like well I like it but I'm not like crazy blown out of the water and then I tried it all to gold and man I'm telling you I was why everybody else was tired I was doing jumping jacks it was it was mind boggling how amazing that stuff made me feel so it's been a pleasure. I give the people you know it's a been a pleasure. Knowing about the software business and I want to go over a case that I got into that this week and it's interesting and it illustrates a little bit more than what we talked about we have tried C.C. try C.E.C. dot com have tried to expand that so it includes all of our suppliers all of our early days that are available through us and just so you can go there and look at it and then course if you're interested. We know we stuff that starts the process but we're also available in the seventeen states that are deregulated right so we took a landing page through technology and dumped it in each one of the states. So if somebody finds us that way you know they can read about our services locally in the New Jersey market for and how that's your or good Illinois or the Ohio market and when you know just this week I got an in I got inquiry and from an Ohio customer with a plant in New Jersey and Long and short of it. This is what I like about technology and. Business got the bills in on Friday was able to get some bids out to all. He like the beds we beat is current suppliers by ten to fifteen percent right. He had renewing contracts coming up and long and short of it. He picked what he wanted which was three year contract with an electricity for both locations and I was able to email him. Econ tracks that he could sign. And that was the kind of dawned on me he executed the contract. Right. Never met the guy but he gets him back now a new suppliers will take over in the next month but now I have a client in Ohio and a client in New Jersey all because of the website that right. Dumped in that area all because they got called in like the bids we had got them technology didn't have to sign anything he just east and came back and he was done and now he's getting lower rates. That's pretty cool idea. It is cool to talk about some of the successes of that you know I agree with you two are the same way you know we're we're we're website you know I don't own four walls of the business and that's what makes makes us special you know the stuff if you decide to order it it ship directly your house.

So I talked about Trudy She's one of my one of my favorite stories. It's hard when you ask about specific cats so pick a favorite just the first one I guess I'll tell you my very first one I have a friend who drastically needs to lose weight. He's I've known in my whole life. He's just a great guy and I called him up and said Hey I'm doing the stuff it's really work and would you like to try it and he told me No you said no thank you and I respected that. But not enough that I was going to give up so I called his wife his wife need to lose weight. Also And she said yes. So you know he told me No and I said you know what that's fine. Dude I'm going to go ahead of mom ain't happy no but I'm happy you probably got a man too so well you know it's a fun story so I get her. She starts losing weight she starts feeling better Totally she loses about forty pounds and it's for her she. Yes she writes me a handwritten note afterwards and it says thank you so much. Morgan for helping and coaching I can now get on the ground and on my knees and play with my kids again and I can go up the steps and laundry doesn't look like a pain and you know it made me feel good that I was helping my friend's wife. She writes me handwritten note it's beautiful. He calls me about two days later and says Morgan I want to thank you. Even though I haven't started it yet and eventually he does he did lose some weight but I want to thank you for you know even though I told you know that you got my wife on this and it's been you know a month or two and she's been exercising doing everything she needs do plus you're playing on she's lost forty pounds so thank you so much and I got the phone with him and I look I've told my wife the story I say you know I get why she wrote me. She's lost weight. She's feeling great. Why did he write me and my wife said something and it really made me think just about life in general.

She lost she wrote me because she lost weight she felt better. She looked better she her confidence went up. He wrote me because if you think about marriage and you think about life and you think about the truth is she probably didn't feel comfortable in her skin. And when you don't feel comfortable in your skin. You don't feel comfortable with your husband and I you know I want to make sure I don't say anything silly but she was calling me for weight loss and he was calling me because as a man he probably got to spend a little more time with his wife in private. Yeah. And because of that weight loss. I'm not going to say whatever their marriage wasn't was probably fine anyways but it probably helped because that's it's just human. And we're just real people and that's what I like about it is as I said you know who knew I could help a mom lose weight and a husband. You know there in a make relations and then wife. You know. And here's a here's a quote I got in from one of my customers your reverse auction was a very educational process for me I appreciate the willingness to share insights on the market and the auction process now it's just a nice little aside that he sent us. So we're going. Take a break here and then we're going to come back and finish up with the question.

Well welcome back here we're going to talk about one other subject here. Morgan I'm going to talk about home field energy. You always talk about home field and. I just think that's another venue of this show is to get the current information out to the people and unfortunately there's two point five million home field customers out there and home field used to be a division of Amran right and I would say ninety percent of the people in this listening audience still think that Amarin own home field and that's anything but the truth but two years ago home field was sold one am one sold the power plants to diner G. they sold home field energy along with it and I don't think a lot of people realize that but I'm here to tell the truth on this home field is not the one you need need to have a supply remember I said there's forty one suppliers remember you told me that because you let me pick. Yes on what I want to kind of stuff and basically I will not represent homefield there is one contract I can get it anytime and I just will not represent him and this is why there is a clause in their contract that I want to read to you under change in law if there is a change in law regulation applicable tariff or regulatory interpretation thereof that affects here in during the term renewal as determined in the sole discretion of homefield homefield may modify those charges to reflects a change and the modified charges shall appear on your next monthly invoice. Now I'm in this business I read a lot of contractors and I have never seen a supplier that can go right to your bill. All. If they get nicked for an environmental problem right. And it sounds like they don't even have to get your approval they just they don't all they have to do is at their discretion to pass on to you any charge. Remember there are coal burning utility hey there's a whole big war on coal in this country and if you have home field energy and you've hired them particularly yourself you have a contract that you can't get out of right it's another thing that none of the suppliers do they'll they'll let you out but they'll change charge you a penalty to get out homefield won't even get they won't even allow you out. So there is that they bill it is no terminations fee and you would think you get out at any time the truth is they have none. Right. So you can't get out of the contract before the end of it. So that's another thing you have to be aware we're about. I used to be a financial guy so I know these EBA ratings they were thirty three and a half percent debt to equity ratio. When a utility supplier gets a three or more. It's a red flag a while and they have a thirty three and a half percent. This is a highly leveraged coal company right and you're using them two and a half million people using a because they think Amarin owns them. So to me that that's a problem as it was it's just a sneaky thing by Aaron like they were it wasn't mentioned in the news or did they kind hide it under the rug. They had to sell there because of deregulation right all their coal plants and they just stuck this division in with the deal to make it come make it more attractive right. But then now here are these customers with home field that are I think in a contract if it bites and they don't even know where it's going to come for right. So if I had a home field out there and I say this to the listeners give me a call and I will definitely show you a better alternative. And you can get out of a home field aggregation contract without penalty but if you can't get out of a corporate one but when that contract comes up I see no reason to hire on right or wrong to close us up here I want to remind you you can go to our Web site at any time it's Try to our Y.C. E C. Com on there you'll see a couple buttons. One is the button for finding a supplier you can do that on your own if you want or you can call me and I'll do it with you and one has to look at the L.E.D.S. we have to offer so Morgan I want to thank you for coming in today. Thank you. Just to feel it's fun to talk about other companies and of course show the types of help. We do to the people right now but to me next week will will bring this out. I think I have a a one of our other friends coming in that has a merchant banking business OK yeah. Lisa Marie Lisa she is great and we'll pick it up from there. But I want to thank everybody today for listening and don't hesitate to go to our website or numbers are up there and you can give us a call off the air if you'd like to just so.