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Energy expenses account for a large portion of the average Detroit, Michigan monthly household or business budget. American families on average spend more than $3,500 annually on energy costs and associated expenses, and that means your Detroit energy bill will be dramatically affected by lowering the cost of your energy!

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In Detroit, Michigan and across the nation, energy costs represent one of the largest variable expenses paid by people just like you! Families and business organizations in and around Detroit are burdened with these costs an it can be difficult to control with even the best energy conservation plan in the place.

There are many actions that you can put in place today to start lowering monthly expenses.

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Reducing monthly expenditures in Detroit doesn’t have to be painful, but it does require taking action immediately.

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It's Easy To Save Money Now Through Energy Deregulation in Detroit

If you take a look at your latest itemized Michigan energy statement, then you will find that you are paying two very specific fees dependent upon regulations.

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Supply & Delivery Charges

There are supply charges and delivery charges. The supply charges are those associated with the actual consumption of energy, whereas delivery charges are those charges that supplement the infrastructure of the energy incumbent, for example, lines, poles, and wires.


Energy Competitors

Energy supply can come from any entity registered with the state of residence. In states where electric charges are deregulated, consumers benefit from energy being supplied from a larger group of providers. These other suppliers are often smaller companies with much less overhead costs than the incumbent state energy provider.

Introducing Commercial Energy Consultants...

At Commercial Energy Consultants, we facilitate savings, and deregulation is a huge factor in saving money on your next statement. We give you the power to select the energy provider serving Detroit, Michigan that will offer you the most savings.

  • By connecting energy suppliers from around the nation with businesses and homeowners in Michigan and other deregulated states, we can save you as much as 30% in annual energy cost. These services are available because of deregulation in the energy sector, but it is not available in every state.
  • We currently provide consultative energy planning to consumers in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Delaware, Indiana, Washington D.C., and in Detroit, Michigan.

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Reverse Bid Auctions Help Save Money!

Savings found by choosing a deregulated energy supplier are only the tip of the iceberg. Our corporate clients in Detroit, Michigan can buy their energy using our reverse auction program.

  • Using an energy deregulated provider without the assistance of a consultant can mean submitting several proposals, which then must be accepted or declined. If your proposal is declined, then you would have to create a new proposal and resubmit. This process could continue for weeks while you continue paying expensive energy costs.
  • We offer a real-time bidding process, which allows energy providers the chance to bid on your proposal. You only have to submit once and wait for an accepted bid. The saving pass on to you as they compete and bid against each other to provide you the lowest cost energy available.

Unlike our competitors, the CEC team of independent brokers serving Detroit, Michigan are in constant dialogue with energy providers on your behalf. We shop the market to save you time and money, and with our standard annual contracts, your savings can last as long as three years. Who wouldn’t want to lock in rate savings for years?

Saving Money On Energy with Commercial Energy Consultants in Detroit, Michigan

Saving money on behalf of our customers in [city, Michigan is our primary objective. We have been providing energy savings to clients in a 14 state area for six years.

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  • Commercial Energy Consultants (CEC) currently offers savings to more than 2200 customers, and we manage over 525 million KWH of energy. When energy suppliers use our reverse auction technology to bid on your Michigan business, you can be confident knowing you are working with an experienced and professional organization serving Detroit and it's neighboring townships. 

These numbers may suggest that we only manage large scale proposals, but we take pride in directing savings for both commercial and residential clients in Detroit, Michigan. We work with only the most qualified energy providers in Michigan, and your bid will be seen by over 40 A+ rated companies from around the nation.

Why pay more for the same energy that we can find for less?

Reduce Your Energy Bill | Get A FREE Quote!

Start Saving Money By Reducing Monthly Expenditures Today

Finding savings in your monthly budget doesn’t have to be painful. Instant savings may seem unreal, but we can help you save money today by eliminating unnecessary charges for your Detroit home in Michigan. We are experts at finding the same energy at a lower cost. There are no fees or hidden contracts to sign, and all you have to do to get starting saving is request a quote using our no hassle form.

If you need to speak with one of our expert energy consultants, then do not hesitate to constant our offices toll-free 877-212-1400.

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