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What is a CEC Fundraiser?

Reduce Your Energy Bill | Cec Fundraiser Link

Ready to Raise Money Without Giving Anything Away?

Imagine motivating your community or church to help raise funds though paying the bills they already are paying! The CEC Fundraising program specifically allows Utility Bills to be involved in these fundraising efforts and contribute to the energy savings of your community.

Raise money,
save money!

Reduce Your Energy Bill | Fundraiser Therm

In a complex world of interest rates and award points, our CEC fundraising program gives you and your recipients an easy method of calculating success! The CEC fundraising program provides measurable results to ensure program outcomes can contribute to energy savings and program fund rising goals. CEC fundraising is Easy!



Reduce Your Energy Bill | Fund Raising Link

Reduce Your Energy Bill | Fundraising1

How Does The CEC Fundraiser Work?

Our software provides a simple and effective partnership opportunity for utilitiy users to support groups through energy savings and fundraising. Simply stated the contributor picks an Alternative competitive supplier thru the program and saves money on the selection.  The CEC program then computes the fundraising share and sends the money directly to the charity.

A win win from fundraising that has no cost to the consumer.