Miso Drops Capacity Cost 98%

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Miso Drops Capacity Cost 98%


Clearing prices in the Midcontinent ISO capacity auction for the 2017-18 delivery year were $1.50/MW-day for all zones.

Among other zones, the $1.50/MW-day clearing price will apply to Zone 4 (Ameren Illinois) and Michigan's two zones (Zone 7-DTE/Consumers and Zone 2-Upper Peninsula)

For the 2016-17 delivery year, Zones 2, 4, and 7 had cleared at $72/MW-day. Zone 4 had cleared at $150/MW-day for the 2015-16 delivery year

For 2017-18, Entergy Texas cleared at $1.50/MW-day as well.

In a news release, MISO said that, "MISO continues to support state processes around resource adequacy planning. In Illinois, MISO is formulating approaches to work with policymakers on developing a state-based approach to fully address long-term resource adequacy requirements."

"Industry forces continue to indicate significant shifts in the fleet," said Richard Doying, MISO executive vice president of Operations. "MISO will continue to address seasonal and locational issues with our stakeholders while ensuring that market signals provide incentives for investment where and when they are needed."