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I was recently approached by a Restaurant owner who had 5 parking lot lights out. CEC offers LEDs replacement bulbs so we took a look at his current set up.

The 5 lights were Metal Halide lights (MH) on 30 foot polls.

MH bulbs require an external ballast, Ignitor, and capacitor. When the power is turned on a huge surge of power starts the bulb and then is regulated back to 400 watts.

Once a light goes out it can because of any or combination of the following.

  1. Ballast is out
  2. Ignitor is out
  3. Capacitor is out
  4. Socket is blown
  5. Light is out.

CEC recommended the owner replace the out lights with a direct wire 150watt Corncob Led. The benefit of these LEDs are:

  1. No external ballast
  2. No ignitor
  3. No capacitor
  4. No surge of power to ruin the wires and sockets.

Needless to say, the owner was happy and looking forward to replacing the rest of his MH bulbs. The result of the switch is he now has 5 instant-on brilliant LED bulbs only using 150w to run. The proof is in the pudding and here are the numbers:

Corn cob LED bulbs at $100 a bulb equals $100

Less power saving per year                   $65

Breakeven                                               1.5 years

No maintenance                                      priceless

If you would like CEC to provide you with an analysis of your current lighting needs, contact Mike Grimes at 877-212-1400 or visit our website at