5 Reasons Not To Have Homefield Energy As Your Supplier

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5 Reasons Not To Have Homefield Energy As Your Supplier

Are you ready to save $$ on your energy bill now?

Did you know that your city opted for municipal aggregation last year in an effort to save you money on your energy bill? Simply stated, the city put all the residents together and bid them out.

Homefield Energy, owned by Ameren, was chosen. 

Did you know that Ameren then sold Homefield Energy to Dynegy effective January 1, 2014, thus no longer making them Ameren? This means your power no longer comes from Ameren. You need to be concerned. Google "Dynergy Scandal" to learn more about your new parent!

Did you know that Dynegy owns 16 coal-powered plants in the state of Illinois? The current federal administration is now taking steps that mandate coal burning utilities make environmental upgrades that can cost millions of dollars – fees that can now be passed onto consumers – to YOU! Yes, Dynegy has the right to charge you - the consumer - for environmental upgrades!


You can switch - at NO cost - to a new non-coal burning energy supplier and avoid fees from environmental upgrades.

5 Reasons why Homefield  should not be your energy supplier.

1.This clause is in your contract: Under change in Law: If there is a change in law, regulation, applicable tariff, or regulatory interpretation thereof that affects herein during the Term or renewal Term  as determined in the sole discretion of Homefield Energy, Homefield Energy shall may modify those charges to reflect such change, and the modified charges shall appear on the next monthly invoice.

2. Homefield does not have a Early Termination clause in their contract.  This means if you sign with Homefield you can not get out of the contract even if the clause above is enacted.

3. Dynegy (Homefields parent)  has a 33.5 debt to EBITDA ratio, the highest for any independent generator. ( a 3 is deemed a red flag)

4. Dynegy  is under investigation by Lisa Madigan for manipulating a recent capacity auction.

5.  Google Dynegy Scandal to learn about Homefields parent.