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At Commercial Energy Consultants, LLC, we give our clients the freedom to pick their pricing, providing them the same power for less. Our tools have given hundreds of commercial and residential clients the savings on energy they deserve.

"I met with CEC when my electric contract was up for renewal.  CEC preformed a market search at no cost and was able to reduce my schools cost by an additional 20%"


Terry Strauch, Retired Superintendent Calhoun CUSD #40

"I was introduced to CEC from a parishioner who had used their services before. Our energy contract was up for renewal so I contacted Mike to see if he could help. Mike explained how their reverse auction would let all available suppliers produce the lowest bid for our renewal. Mike was with me every step of the way and even attended the auction in my office to make certain everything went well. Mike promised a low bid and we certainly got one and highly recommend his services."


Bob Wojcik, Parish Management Coorinator
Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church

"I wanted to first thank CEC for reducing my power bill by over 30 percent, but secondly to ask you to please have any of your potential customers call my cell and I will personally tell them what you did for me as well as how easy it was to get it done. Thanks again!"

Brian Rauk, President of Eagle Flooring

"First, Tank Trailer Cleaning, Inc. (TTC) is definitely enjoying the savings we are receiving on our natural gas and electrcity accounts!

As a business, we have literally saved thousands of dollars over the last few years with the energy supply rates that Commercial Energy Consultants has brokered for our organization. We found CEC trustworthy and the energy companies that they represent reputable! CEC found us the best energy supply rates in a professional and trustworthy manner and I felt very comfortable doing business with Mike Grimes! I especially enjoyed the commercial energy reverse auction.  Mike represents CEC honestly and promptly, and Mike hides nothing in fine print.

Put simply. CEC is an honest organization that works in its customers' best interests to broker the best energy supply rates available.  TTC, Inc. will stick with CEC now and going forward!!  With the savings that we have already received, the choice to keep CEC as our energy supply rate broker is a no-brainer!!"

Shane Stock Operations Manager Tank Trailer Cleaning, Inc.

"Your reverse auction was a very educational process for me. I appreciate the willingness to share you insights on the markets and the auction process."

Pat Hill, Controller, Allsup

"I really enjoy the saving I?ve received on my business and home. I was not aware of deregulation and want to thank CEC for bringing it to my attention.  I also appreciate your true manner of presenting my savings over some of the rude sales pitches I?ve received.  Thanks for the savings."                                  

Dominic Robitaille, Owner, Le Sweets